Brutalitys' Features
  • Multi-threading on demand.
  • Fuzzing, bruteforcing GET params.
  • Find admin panels.
  • Colored output.
  • Hide results by return code, word numbers.
  • Proxy support.
  • Big wordlist.

Brutality's Installtion

How to use Brutality?

   Use default wordlist with 5 threads (-t 5) and hide 404 messages (–e 404) to fuzz the given URL (
python -u '' -t 5 -e 404

   Use common_pass.txt wordlist (-f ./wordlist/common_pass.txt), remove response with 6969 length (-r 6969) and proxy at (-p to fuzz the given URL (
python -u '' -f ./wordlist/common_pass.txt -r 6969 -p

ToDo List:
  • Smooth output.
  • Export file report.
  • Modularization.

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