About Spaghetti
   Author: m4ll0k    Spaghetti is an Open Source web application scanner, it is designed to find various default and insecure files, configurations, and misconfigurations. Spaghetti is built on Python 2.7 and can run on any platform which has a Python environment.

Spaghetti Installation:

Spaghetti's Features:
  • Server:
  • Web Frameworks (CakePHP,CherryPy,...)
  • Web Application Firewall (Waf)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Operating System (Linux,Unix,..)
  • Language (PHP,Ruby,...)
  • Cookie Security
  • Bruteforce:Admin Interface
    Common Backdoors
    Common Backup Directory
    Common Backup File
    Common Directory
    Common FileLog File
  • Disclosure: Emails, Private IP, Credit Cards
  • HTML Injection
  • SQL Injection
  • LDAP Injection
  • XPath Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Remote File Inclusion (RFI)
  • PHP Code Injection
  • HTTP Allow Methods
  • HTML Object
  • Multiple Index
  • Robots Paths
  • Web Dav
  • Cross Site Tracing (XST)
  • .Listing
  • ShellShock
  • Anonymous Cipher (CVE-2007-1858)
  • Crime (SPDY) (CVE-2012-4929)
  • Struts-Shock
Spaghetti Example:
python spaghetti --url example.com --scan 0 --random-agent --verbose

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