About Spykeyboard
   Spykeyboard is a Python 2 script which allows us to generate an undetectable keylogger which sends the captured keys to our Gmail account address. Once we generated our keylogger, we would have to pass the .py file to a Windows machine to convert it to an .exe. The tool is in development.
Spykeyboard Installation and Running
   For Windows users, you must in install Python 2 first, but you don't have to install Git if you want:
  • First, download and run Python 2.7.x setup file from Python.org. On Install Python 2.7.x Setup, choose Add python.exe to Path. 
  • Download and run Git setup file from Git-scm.com and enable Use Git from Windows Command Propmt.
   For Linux users, Python 2 is already installed on your GNU/Linux distro.
   Then, open Terminal and enter these command to download Spykeyboard, install requirements, generate and convert .py keylogger file to .exe file to run in Windows.
Spykeyboard screenshots
Enter your Gmail address and password to generate keylogger
Compile .py keylogger file to .exe file

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