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Almost all of your interaction with Metasploit will be through its many modules, which it looks for in two locations. The first is the primary module store under /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/ and the second, which is where you will store custom modules, is under your home directory at ~/.msf4/modules/.

All Metasploit modules are organized into separate directories, according to their purpose. A basic overview of the various types of Metasploit modules is shown below.

Exploits: In the Metasploit Framework, exploit modules are defined as modules that use payloads.

Auxiliary: Auxiliary modules include port scanners, fuzzers, sniffers, and more.

Payloads, Encoders and Nops: Payloads consist of code that runs remotely, while encoders ensure that payloads make it to their destination intact. Nops keep the payload sizes consistent across exploit attempts.

Loading Additional Module Trees
   Metasploit gives you the option to load modules either at runtime or after msfconsole has already been started. Pass the -m option when running msfconsole to load additional modules at runtime.

   If you need to load additional modules from with msfconsole, use the loadpath command:

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