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About PhishX
   PhishX written in Python 3.6. Play with the human mind!

   Only download PhishX from GitHackTools, do not trust other places 🙂 .

   This is the official and only repository of the PhishX project.
   Written by: Z-Hacker

   Twitter: @_DEF9
   GitHub: @zanyarjamal

   DISCLAIMER: This is only for testing purposes and can only be used where strict consent has been given. Do not use this for illegal purposes, period.
   Please read the LICENSE for the licensing of PhishX.

   Video demo of PhishX:

Features of PhishX:
 * Generates a fake pages to capture passwords
 * Adds Targets Info to the The Fake Page
 * Sends SMS's using services like Facebook/Instagram/Google
 * Sends SPOOFED emails with the SMTP you provide
 * Uses Ngrok to make the Fake pages Accessible world wide
 * Grabs Victims IP Addresses and Does an IP lookup

PhisherX support phishing for:
 | Available Pages | Mobile Support |
 |  Facebook       |        1       |
 |  Google         |        1       |
 |  GitHub         |        0       |
 |  Twitter        |        1       |
 |  Instagram      |        1       |
 |  Steam          |        1       |

Bugs and enhancements: For bug reports or enhancements, please open an issue here.

Tested on Kali linux 2018.4 and ParrotSec 4.2.2

Install and Run PhishX:
   sudo su
   git clone
   cd PhishX

   Extra Info: The [y/N] Questions are case sensitive so either you answer with y or with N

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Unknown said…
phishX issue

dear when i lunch the attack for example on facebook the attack get failed and returned to main menu?
help me what to do?
Anonymous said…
same problem
Anonymous said…
when I launch the attack it shows me that everything is ok but there is no email sent or sms sent, can someone help ?
Mariner.Amirul said…
Dear PhishX file is not available inside github. can i get phishx file
Anonymous said…
I think PhishX is not working anymore. :( Its not even available on Github
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