Metasploit AV Evasion
   Metasploit payload generator that avoids most Anti-Virus products.
   Released as open source by NCC Group Plc

   Developed by Daniel Compton at NCC Group Plc
   Released under AGPL see LICENSE for more information

Removed Deprecated Commands in favor of MSFVenom
   Updated 12/2015

   Removed use of ifconfig for more Distro Compatibility, Using ip route for ip Detection.
   Added gcc compiler use condition for use in Arch Based Distros.
   Using msfconsole -x for auto Listener launching instead of resource file.
   Code Cleanup.
   Tested on Kali Linux.

   Twitter: @JsiTech

Install and Run:

 * Easily generate a Metasploit executable payload to bypass Anti-Virus detection
 * Local or remote listener generation
 * Disguises the executable file with a PDF icon
 * Executable opens minimised on the victims computer
 * Automatically creates AutoRun files for CDROM exploitation


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