About Sublist3r
   Sublist3r is a Python tool designed to enumerate subdomains of websites using OSINT. It helps pentesters and bug hunters collect and gather subdomains for the domain they are targeting. Sublist3r enumerates subdomains using many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and Ask. Sublist3r also enumerates subdomains using Netcraft, Virustotal, ThreatCrowd, DNSdumpster, and ReverseDNS.
   subbrute was integrated with Sublist3r to increase the possibility of finding more subdomains using bruteforce with an improved wordlist. The credit goes to TheRook who is the author of subbrute.

Sublist3r - Fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers

Install on Linux:

Install on Windows:
   Install Python 2.7.x or Python 3.x from Python.org
   Install Git from Git-scm.com

   Open Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the following commands:

Update: cd Sublist3r && git pull -f

Recommended Python Version: Sublist3r currently supports Python 2 and Python 3.
   The recommended version for Python 2 is Python 2.7.x
   The recommened version for Python 3 is Python 3.4.x


   To list all the basic options and switches use -h switch: python sublist3r.py -h
   To enumerate subdomains of specific domain: python sublist3r.py -d example.com

   To enumerate subdomains of specific domain and show only subdomains which have open ports 80 and 443 :
      python sublist3r.py -d example.com -p 80,443

   To enumerate subdomains of specific domain and show the results in realtime:
      python sublist3r.py -v -d example.com

   To enumerate subdomains and enable the bruteforce module:
      python sublist3r.py -b -d example.com

   To enumerate subdomains and use specific engines such Google, Yahoo and VirusTotal engines:
      python sublist3r.py -e google,yahoo,virustotal -d example.com

   Sublist3r is licensed under the GNU GPL license. take a look at the LICENSE for more information.

 * TheRook - The bruteforce module was based on his script subbrute.
 * Bitquark - The Subbrute's wordlist was based on his research dnspop.

Special Thanks to Ibrahim Mosaad for his great contributions that helped in improving the tool.

Version: 1.0

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