Internet Of Things Exploitation Framework
   eXpliot is a Framework for Security Testing IoT and IoT infrastructure. It provides a set of plugins (test cases)  and can be extended easily to create new plugins. The name eXpliot is a pun on Exploit and explains the purpose of the Framework i.e. IoT exploitation. It's developed in Python 3.

Note: eXpliot is developed in Python 3. It will not work on Python 2

 * Easy to use
 * Easy to extend
 * Support for most IoT protocols
 * Support for Radio IoT protocols
 * Support for hardware protocols
 * One-stop-shop for IoT and IoT infrastructure security testing.

Install and Run:
Run eXploit:
   Enter this command to start and run eXpliot: efconsole

Update: cd expliot && git pull -f

 * Suggest new plugins/test cases
 * Share any vulnerability information that can be translated to a plugin
 * Please do not submit a patch, instead send me an email about what you have in mind
 * Report bugs

   Name: Aseem Jakhar
   Twitter: @aseemjakhar
   Linkedin: Aseem Jakhar

Huge shout out to:
 * The one and only computer pirate ;)
 * null - The open security community
 * Abhisek Datta
 * Javier Vazquez Vidal
 * Milosch Meriac
 * Payatu Bandits
 * Conference
 * nullcon Conference

Expliot - Internet of Things Exploitation framework

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