Droid-Hunter - Android APK Analysis and Android Pentest
Droid-Hunter report file
DROID-HUNTER: Android application vulnerability analysis and Android pentest tool
Droid-Hunter banner
    * App info check
    * Baksmaling android app
    * Decompile android app
    * Extract class file
    * Extract java code
    * Pattern base Information Leakage

How to install?
   git clone
   cd droid-hunter
   ruby dhunter.rb

How to use?
Usage: ruby dhunter.rb [APK]
-a, --apk : Analysis android APK file.
 + APK Analysis
   => dhunter -a 123.apk[apk file]
   => dhunter --apk 123.apk aaa.apk test.apk hwul.apk
-p, --pentest : Penetration testing Device
 + Pentest Android
   => dhunter -p device[device code]
   => dhunter --pentest device
-v, --version : Show this droid-hunter version
-h, --help : Show help page

   Bug: Add issue(github)

TO-DO List
   Add Vulnerability Scanning module
   Update string pattern
   Intent diagram


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