XSStrike - Intelligent XSS Detection and Exploitation suite

About XSStrike
   XSStrike is an advanced XSS detection suite. It has a powerful fuzzing engine and provides zero false positive result using fuzzy matching. XSStrike is the first XSS scanner to generate its own payloads. It is intelligent enough to detect and break out of various contexts.
   Made with LOVE by Somdev Sangwan

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 * Powerful fuzzing engine
 * Context breaking technology
 * Intelligent payload generation
 * GET & POST method support
 * Cookie Support
 * WAF Fingerprinting
 * Hand crafted payloads for filter and WAF evasion
 * Hidden parameter discovery
 * Accurate results via levenshtein distance algorithm

   git clone (Download XSStrike)
   cd XSStrike
   pip install -r requirements.txt (Install the requirements)
   python xsstrike (Run XSStrike)

Contribution, License and Sponsorship
   This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Want to contribute? What are you waiting for? Fork it and hit up with a pull request.
   Want to sponsor? Mail me at

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