Working Principle for PiKarma
 * Collects all the packets from Wireless Network. (Probe Response)
 * Analyses all the packets in real time.
 * If PiKarma finds more than one SSID info from unique mac address in Probe Response;
 * Logs the activity with some extra information within defined template and sends deauthentication packets

How KARMA Attack works?
   Sends Probe Response for all Probe Requests
Softwares and hardwares that uses KARMA module
 * FruityWifi
 * WiFi Pineapple
 * Mana (improvements to KARMA attacks)
 * ...

Soon to be added features
 * New techniques for detect KARMA and MANA attacks
 * Logging SSID information used in KARMA and MANA attack


 * Hardware: TP LINK TL-WN722N or Dark RangeMax wifi card
 * Modules: scapy, time, termcolor, argparse, netifaces, logging

Install: GitHackTools recommends that you should install PiKarma on Pentest OS like Kali Linux or Parrot Security OS

   git clone
   sudo pip install termcolor
   cd PiKarma
   python -h (PiKarma help menu)

Monitor mode:
   airmon-ng start interface (wlan0,wlan1) (Monitor mode)
   ifconfig wlan0 down
   iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor
   ifconfig wlan0 up

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