Run interactive android exploits in Linux by giving the users easy interface to exploit android devices uses an intergration with Metaspoilt Framework by giving the user an easy interface to create payloads and launch Android exploits.
Andspoilt - Android Exploit Toolkit with Metasploit Framework
   Current Additional feature is a simple web server for file distribution

Installing Andspoilt
   git clone (Download Andspoilt)
   cd Andspoilt
   sudo python install (Install Andspoilt)
   sudo python (Run Andspoilt)

Notes: GitHackTools recommends that you install Andspoilt on Pentest OS with the Metasploit Framework installed such as Kali Linux, Parrot Security OS,...

SMS spoofing(On Development): Feature would allow the user to send SMS's with fake ID

SIP spoofing(On Development): Feature would allow user make fake SIP invitation

Android rooting(On Development): Feature would allow user generate an APK file which automatically roots the phone it's installed in.

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