Install Kali Linux tools on Lubuntu with Katoolin
1, Open LXTerminal (Lubuntu) or Terminal (Ubuntu). Update the package lists and install Git:
   sudo apt update && sudo apt install git
2, Download and install Katoolin:
   git clone && sudo cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin
   sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin
   sudo katoolin

3, To install Kali Linux tools, add and update Kali Linux repositories:
   1 (Add Kali Linux repositories & Update) > 1 (Add Kali Linux repositories) and 2 (Update)

4, Install classismenu indicator:
   gohome > 3 (classismenu indicator) and y (Yes)

5, Next, install the Kali Linux menu to categorize the tools:
   gohome > 4 (Install Kali menu) and y (Yes)

6, Now, install all Kali Linux tools
   gohome > 2 (View Categories) > 0 (All)

   Or you can install some Kali Linux tools at will. For example, you only want to install SET (Social-Engineer Toolkit):
   gohome > 2 (View Categories) > 8 (Exploitation Tools) > 13 (SET)

7, Open new LXTerminal (Lubuntu) or Terminal (Ubuntu) window. To open SET, enter this command: sudo setoolkit

8, Layout of the Lubuntu menu after installing Kali Linux tools
Kali Linux menu on Lubuntu
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