BKAP Security OS - BKSec
About BKAP Security OS
   BKAPSEC is an Debian based Pentest distro for Pentester and Security Researchers. The repository contains 140 hacking tools. You can install tools individually or in groups. BKAP Security OS is compatible with existing Debian installs. For more information, see the installation instructions.
   Note: BKAP Security OS is a relatively new project. To report bugs and request new tools, please visit the issue tracker on Github, stop by Fange, or email us.
   Get Involved
   You can get in touch with the BKAPSEC team. Just check out the following. Please, send us pull requests!

   Website: www.bksec.org/
   E-mail: bkapsec@gmail.com

Information about BKAP Security OS
   Username: bkap - Password: root
   OS Type: Linux
   Based on: Debian
   Origin: Viet Nam                              
   Architecture: X86_64
   Desktop: Mate Desktop, Gnome
   Category: Desktop, Security
   Release Model: Fixed
   Status: Active

License: GNU General Public License v3.0

Run BKAP Security OS on VirtualBox
Run OWASP ZAP on BKAP Security OS
Login to BKAP Security OS
Install and Use
   Download here (Torrent here)
   Extract and open with VMware or VirtualBox

   See full instructions in the video below:

Some tools in BKAP Security OS
 * Anonymous: Zero Net, Tor Browser, Proxychains-ng,... and more
 * Recon Tools: Theharvester, Dig, Host, Whois, Shodan, Reverse IP, WhatWeb,... and more
 * Mapping: IPscan (Port Scaning), Nmap (Port Scaning), Zmap (Port Scaning), Zenmap (Port Scaning), Nikto (Finger), Burpsuite (Proxier),... and more

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