Google Chrome will now be safer in the future with this new feature

In July 2018, Google Chrome 68 will block third-party add-ons to the browser

   To improve performance and stability, Google Chrome will block third parties from installing the add-ons to the browser.

   Up to two-thirds of Chrome users on Windows have applications or utilities from software on their computer that install on Chrome, Increase the likelihood of Google Chrome crash by 15% and adversely affects the user experience.

   And Google has come up with a solution to end this situation:
   * In April 2018, Chrome 66 will begin showing affected users a warning after a crash, alerting them that other software is injecting code into Chrome and guiding them to update or remove that software.
   *  In July 2018, Chrome 68 will begin blocking third-party software from injecting code into Chrome on Windows.
   * Finally, in January 2019, Chrome 72 will remove this accomodation and always block code injection.

   While most software that injects code into Chrome will be affected by these changes, there are some exceptions. Microsoft-signed code, accessibility software, and IME software will not be affected. As with all Chrome changes, developers are encouraged to use Chrome Beta for early testing.



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