Bkav Corporation has posted a video demonstrating how to unlock Face ID on the iPhone X with a mask, contrary to what Apple has claimed.
   In the launch of the iPhone X, Vice President Phil Schiller introduced Face ID unlocking, saying that Apple had worked with professional masking artists in Hollywood to train neural networks, make sure the Face ID can not be cheated with a mask.

   However, Bkav recently launched a video that can unlock Face ID with a mask. Specifically, in the video posted on YouTube, Ngo Tuan Anh, vice president of Bkav put the iPhone X facing a special mask, then unlock successfully with Face ID. Mr. Tuan Anh then took the iPhone X and opened with his own face to confirm the machine can open with both faces.

On the Bkav website, Tuan Anh said the mask was created by combining 3D printing, makeup and 2D imaging, in addition to a number of special stages in the cheeks and around, face, areas of wide skin to pass the Face ID AI.

    At the end of the video, Tuan Anh said Face ID technology "is not secure in terms of security."
From VnReview

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