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TorghostNG 2.0 Release: Non-root functions, support a new language and more

After a few months of delay, TorghostNG 2.0 finally has been released  😃 Let…

TorghostNG: Make all your internet traffic anonymized with Tor network

About TorghostNG    TorghostNG is a tool that make all your internet traffic a…

Entropy: Netwave and GoAhead IP Webcams Exploiting Tool

About Entropy Toolkit    Entropy Toolkit is: A set of tools to exploit N…

How to install Windscribe - The Best Free VPN on GNU/Linux distros?

Why should you use Windscrive?    Windscribe is well-known for their free V…

wafw00f: The Web Application Firewall Fingerprinting Tool

How does wafw00f work?    To do its magic, WAFW00F does the following steps: …

Tishna: An Automated Pentest Framework for Web Servers, Web Applications to Web Security

About Tishna:    Tishna is c omplete automated pentest framework for web ser…

ShodanEye: Collect Infomation About All Devices Connected To The Internet With Shodan

About ShodanEye    This tool collects all information about all devices tha…

KillShot: A PenTesting Framework, Information Gathering tool And Website Vulnerabilities Scanner

Why should i use KillShot?    You can use this tool to Spider your websit…

EasySploit: A Metasploit Automation Bash Scripts to use Metasploit Framework easier and faster than ever

About EasySploit:  EasySploit is  Metasploit automation tool to use Metasplo…

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